Protecting Natural Ecosystems

Our economies and our lives fundamentally depend on the natural ecosystems upon which life on earth is based. The forests in particular represent the “lungs of the earth”. Progressive, eco-system based forest stewardship is not an option, it is a requirement if we are to avert irreversible forest destruction.


The Trust for Sustainable Forestry

  • TSF strives to inspire and enable the growth of ecosystem based forestry.
  • Ann Mortifee is a Founding Member and the current Chair of TSF.
  • Peter Mortifee is a Director and the Treasurer of TSF.
  • TSF is a registered Canadian charity in a social enterprise partnership with Living Forest Communities.

Living Forest Communities

  • LFC is a for-profit community development company that is in a social enterprise partnership with the Trust for Sustainable Forestry.


  • Canopy safeguards forests and the environment by harnessing the power of the marketplace and changing business practices. It was founded by Ashoka Fellow, Nicole Rycroft.
  • We believe that they are a part of ushering in the conscious capitalism that we need to fully embrace and manifest.

Forest Ethics

  • Forest Ethics’ mission is to protect endangered forests, wildlife and human well-being.
  • They are on the front line of forest protection and progressive stewardship, including with the Great Bear Rainforest initiative in British Columba.


 Photograph: The magnificent coastal rainforest at Lighthouse Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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