The Wellbeing Project

The Wellbeing Project is a co-creation of Ashoka, the Esalen Institute and the Fetzer Institute. The aim of the project is to support a deep sense of inner wellness among social entrepreneurs and to shift the culture of the social change space towards a greater acknowledgement and support of personal, inner work. Nancy Mortifee is the Dean of the Project and Peter Mortifee is a member of and advisor to the Co-Creation Team. The initial Pilot Project involves three groups of twenty seasoned social entrepreneurs (including Ashoka Fellows) who are provided an 18-month program that involves 3 one-week, in-person group retreats, as well as ongoing personal work support and group connections. The first retreat of the first of three co-horts was held in May 2015 in Ireland. This is a very exciting project that we are very happy to support – it represents a deep alignment of our values with our actions.
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