What We Do


Since its inception in 2001, the Somerset Foundation has been involved with supporting over 60 social purpose organizations. The nature of our engagement varies considerably from straightforward and limited financial support to a deep level of engagement and commitment to a shared vision. When beneficial, we offer our individual and/or collective experience and skills. When advantageous, we attract outside consultants and advisors from our networks to support our shared objectives.


What We Support

Our mission of ‘Supporting Social Innovation and Service’ is purposefully broad. Most of the organizations that we support have missions related to the environment, social justice, health and education. That being said, we have no formal commitment to any particular area. Although we support direct service, we believe that scalable, system changing ideas must be developed in order to address the challenges we all face. In deciding to engage with an organization or initiative, the results of our due diligence are always accompanied by a clear urge to support the vision and the people involved.

Check out some of the organizations and initiatives that we have engaged with in the following areas:



We have no formal granting procedure available to the public. Our Board has adopted a firm policy of only accepting grant applications by invitation.

Contact: info ‘at’ somersetfoundation.org


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